MyEverythingDiSC is out of Beta!

James Dykstra

We are excited to announce that MyEverythingDiSC is officially out of beta! After much feedback from several trainers, Wiley has made the necessary improvements that will enhance the participants learning experience. The following improvements recently made were:

  • A stronger emphasis on My Comparisons which will invite participants to start comparing their DiSC styles with their peers
  • Improved search filters that allow learners to find people they know based on names and emails
  • More personalizations on My Style, which will feature 1 or 12 NEW podcasts specific to each style
  • Recommendations by MyEverythingDiSC to compare your DiSC styles with people you know

MyEverythingDiSC is an interactive tool to reinforce your learners DiSC training and help build more effective workplace relationships. MyEverythingDiSC is the perfect tool to help build your workplace relationships and the best part is you can take it anywhere because it was built for the mobile friendly environment.

Need help navigating MyEverythingDiSC, you can use the online tutorial or let us know and we would love to help.