Everything DiSC "Hello my Need is..." Name Tag



Product Description

The Everything DiSC™ Needs Tags give your team an entertaining way to show off their DiSC style and their specific immediate need through their priorities. Needs Tags are great interactive learning tool to help bring DiSC alive during training. The Needs Tags are good take-away's for each participant to show their peers where they are coming from and what others should focus on when working with them.

Product Features

  • Set of 12 Needs Tags
  • 1 of each Need
    • Accuracy
    • Action
    • Challenge
    • Coffee
    • Collaboration
    • Enthusiasm
    • Happy Hour!
    • Results
    • Stability
    • Support
    • to be a Star
    • Chocolate
    • Blank-create your own

Sets of 10 for one Need can be special ordered by calling us at +1-888-439-6070.