The EPIC Edge

In addition to all of the things you can do with paper profiles, EPIC allows you to:

  • Add blended learning to your training delivery options.
  • Have greater flexibility when scheduling training.
  • Get unique reports and features not available with paper profiles.
  • Simplify the support of training at multiple business locations.
  • Have your own account, giving you hands-on administrative control.
  • Handle last-minute changes with ease.
  • Eliminate the need to order, store and track paper instruments.
  • Eliminate shipping charges.
  • Make return policy hassles go away.

Product Features

This is a very basic outline of what EPIC gives you as there are many more features available to make using DiSC and other profiles a straightforward and rewarding process.

  1. First we create an EPIC account for you and place the credits you've bought into that account.
  2. Next, you choose the people who are to complete an online profile and enter their names and email addresses into EPIC.
  3. Then access codes, for those people who are to complete the profile, are generated and sent to them via an email. Each email also contains a link to the participant's online profile.
  4. After participants complete their profiles online, a report is generated for each person. You can choose to have these reports sent to participants right away (as an attachment to an email) or wait to share the results until a trainer can review it with them. The choice is yours.