Everything DiSC Classroom Certification by Resources Unlimited



Product Description

Trainer: Veseca
Format: Classroom
Location: Varies
Duration: 2 days

The two-day DISC certification program empowers trainers and consultants to become fully expert in DISC tools and theory. By attending, you’ll: Deliver DiSC workshops to employees/clients to meet their personal and organizational objectives Apply DiSC in a variety of workplace settings, such as coaching, conflict resolution, leadership development, management, sales, and team building Administer, score, and apply the DISC profile Use a variety of fun, popular DiSC exercises to enhance the DiSC learning experience Distinguish the various DISC tools and decide which materials are best suited to your goals Use the PowerPoint, video clips, scripted leader’s guide, and exercises that come in your Facilitation Kit Create a customized DiSC application plan for yourself and a performance enhancement strategy for your organization. It's an opportunity for you to get certified in Everything DiSC directly from the publisher. You will get a participant experience, an immersion in the Everything DiSC model and research, as well as hands-on experience with the facilitation. You will create a DiSC training solution for your specific organizational needs and demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the content through various group presentations and a written exam.

Product Features

Class Materials Included with Your Registration Fee:

One of the following Everything DiSC Facilitation Kits*:

  • Workplace™
  • Management
  • Sales
  • Work of Leaders

The following personalized Everything DiSC Profiles:

  • Workplace Profile
  • Comparison Report
  • Facilitator Report
  • Group Culture Report
  • Supplement for Facilitators
  • Team View

*If you have already purchased an Everything DiSC Facilitation Kit, the fee to attend DISC Certification is reduced, please contact us for details. Each participant is required to have their own facilitation kit. Please bring your kit with you to the DISC training.

DISC Certification – Is it Really Necessary?

DISC has been in use for decades but it has only been in the last 10 years or so that there has been a demand for courses that enable participants to state that they are "Certified in DISC". I believe one reason for this is that no vendor of DISC products requires certification before selling you the product. This means that some DISC practitioners enter the training market with little or no experience. Those with the experience want a way to distinguish themselves from those without. This is where DISC Certification comes in.

Numerous choices for certification exist in the marketplace, some offered by a vendor and others offered by trainers who have been using DISC for many years. The choice of which one is the right one for you obviously depends on what you are looking for. If you’re not quite sure what that is then let me make a few suggestions.

What makes for a good DISC Certification Course?

A good DISC certification course should cover the origins and history of DISC, especially William Moulton Marston's model and DISC Theory. Application of a DISC profile should be covered in detail including how to run a session using the facilitation materials for the profile. The training on the facilitation kit should include:

  • What is in the kit?
  • How is it structured?
  • How do you use it?
  • How do you customize it?

Any other available DISC profiles should also be covered, specifically highlighting how they differ from one other. Another topic that should be explained is how to determine which DISC solution to meet a given business need. This should include:

  • Determining the business problem/need.
  • Analyzing your audience.
  • Developing objectives and time frames.
  • Selecting the appropriate training tools and resources.
  • Adding activities, discussion exercises, etc.

At some point in the certification process there should be an exercise that requires you to shows you have learnt the material covered. Additional training material could include follow-up reports that enable DISC to be kept alive and relevant in an organization.

Who has the best DISC Certification Training?

There are both classroom and virtual DISC Certification courses available and, as already mentioned, some are by Inscape and some by DISC distributors. If you're looking for why things were done a certain way with a DISC product and want to know what the future might hold for it then Inscape is probably the better choice for you. If you are looking to benefit from the knowledge of someone who has both used and provided training in the DISC product in a number of different situations then a DISC distributor will probably be a better choice.