DiSC Classic Paper Profile

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250-499 $23.00
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Product Description

DiSC provides a non-judgmental language for exploring workplace behaviors. The 20-page DiSC Classic personality test paper profile is the original hand-scored paper DiSC profile. This flagship instrument has been used with organizations across the globe for over thirty years to help individuals improve communication and reduce conflict. The DiSC Classic profile gives people insights into why they act the way they do and how others might have personalities and behavioral styles that are different from their own.

Product Features

The DiSC Classic Profile was previously named the DiSC Personal Profile System (PPS) and then the Personal Profile System 2800 Series PPSS. For well over 30 years it has been used worldwide, by over 44 million users, for helping employees:

  • Understand their own behavior
  • earn how and when to adapt their behavior
  • Improve communication
  • Promote appreciation of differences
  • Enhance individual and team performance
  • Reduce conflict
  • Create and maintain client relationships
  • Manage difficult customer service situations

DiSC Classic Insights

Individual Insights

Personal Insight into Behavioral Preferences and Inclinations: Help people understand their habits and behavioral tendencies in a manageable and systematic way.

  • Understand the work environments that are most and least comfortable for you
  • Develop a stronger sense of your task-oriented and relationship-oriented work habits
  • See how your dominant characteristics can be both strengths and drawbacks
  • Understand how others interpret your actions
  • Learn the strategies you use to understand, influence, and relate to other people
  • Understand the sources of your frustrations at work, if you are consistently required to behave in a way that is incompatible with your personal style
  • Learn more about your fears and behavioral tendencies when you are under pressure
  • Understand what motivates you in your relationships and find ways to maximize this motivation

Appreciation of Personal Diversity: Help people understand how others might have personalities and behavioral styles that are different from their own.

  • Understand that others may have different motivations, priorities, and instincts that compete with your own
  • Learn about tendencies and biases you have when reading the behavior of others
  • Understand how others might interpret or misinterpret your behaviors

Interpersonal Insights

A Common Language to Understand and Discuss Personality: Help people develop a language through which they can efficiently and accurately discuss interpersonal concerns.

  • Learn a better, simpler model to understand the complexity of human behavior
  • Organize your experience with co-workers, friends, and loved ones into a usable format
  • Create a common language to discuss your unique subjective experiences

Dialogue About Personality Preferences and Differences: Help people create a forum in which an open discussion about personality differences is not only accepted, but encouraged.

  • Understand that differences do not necessarily lead to conflict
  • Understand that there are no right or wrong interpersonal preferences, just differences
  • Create a safe forum to discuss differences
  • Create a culture of acceptance around diverse interpersonal styles

Relating to Individuals with Different Personalities: Help people develop strategies and skills that will mend or improve the quality of interpersonal relationships within a social setting.

  • Understand that although people need to adjust at times, their preferences are not necessarily wrong
  • Develop new communication strategies and contracts about communication
  • Withhold judgment to see a situation from multiple perspectives
  • Adapt your personal tendencies, when appropriate, to facilitate harmonious relationships
  • Increase empathy and compassion for the perspectives and struggles of others
  • Communicate your frustrations in a less threatening fashion
  • Learn how to reduce misinterpretations of interpersonal behaviors

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