Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Facilitator Report

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Product Description

Designed exclusively for use with the Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders® Profile, the Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Facilitator Report brings together individual data to the facilitator for a deeper understanding of the individual's leadership. Both the raters and the individual data is presented by charts and graphs for each of the best practices, accompanied by a brief explanation and personalized discussion questions. By understanding the leaders strengths and challenges, the facilitator can help draw out powerful conversations and an action plan.

Product Features

  • Provides indepth knowledge about your raters and leadership views
  • About a 34 page report for the facilitator
  • Breakdown the Leadership Model for the facilitator
  • Provides the individuals strengths and weaknesses
  • Gives map of raters laid over top of leaders view of his/her leadership